Main Business——According to the customer demand customization / to the drawing, the sample, the material processing——

Precision parts processing

Precision parts with high precision

Fixture producing

Design and manufacture wide range of fixtures

Automatic assembly

provide assembly services efficiently

sheet metal

Produce sheet metal of all ranges

Product Center

Service hotline


Bestoem · Five core competitiveness——Decades of precipitation in the field of precision parts processing, to give you the highest quality assurance——

  • Professional experience

    10 years of processing experience

    A wide range of business

    Market globalization


    Professional experience

    Since its establishment in 2010, bestoem precision has gained much recognition from all over the world

  • Quick response

    24-hour business processing center

    Flexible production based on order

    Competitive delivery time


    Quick response

    bestoem provides flexible and effcient prodution lines, which enables timely deliery

  • Interactive production

    Real time query of progress

    Professional technical support

    Exceed customer expectations


    Interactive production

    Highly resoect partner's intelectual peopetry, which would be protected peoperly in the business

  • Trustworthy partner

    Protect the trade secrets of customers

    Provide perfect products and services

    Win high praise from customers


    Trustworthy partner

    Pay attention to the protection of customers' trade secrets in the process of cooperation to ensure that customers' trade secrets are not disclosed to the outside world. We are committed to providing precision manufacturing and assembly services to customers with high information sensitivity, and our confidentiality work has won high praise from customers.

  • Customization of non standard parts

    Integration of R & D, sales and production

    Single bulk batch can be corresponding

    Single bulk batch can be corresponding


    Customization of non standard parts

    Intensive research and development, production, sales as one, to provide customers with OEM, ODM customized services. Single parts, batch parts can be produced, to meet customer needs in many ways.

Equipment display——Adhere to the ingenuity, has provided 1000 + customers with precision parts processing services——

Bestoem · Decide what you need——Product customization ——


Especially good at precision parts and production Europe,America,Japan markets


Focus on various fields, different materials processing and customization


Advanced equipments imported from Switzerland guarantee high quality and timely


After sales teams all over the world can solve after-sales problems anytime and anywhere


Wide production line peovides cmprehensive production system


About Us——Making with ingenuity and pursuing excellence——

About us

Dongguan Bestoem Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 2010 and headquartered in Wangniudun Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, is a manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and service of precision parts, fixtures and non-standard automatic assembly.

The company has a plant area of 2500 square meters and more than 200 employees. Products involved in machinery, automation, aviation, electronics, medical, semiconductor, new energy and other fields. With the continuous expansion of market development, we have set up physical factories and after-sales service offices in Liaobu, Dongguan, Zhuzhou, Hunan and Italy.

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About The Show: An introduction to automation through ATS and key growth partners supporting a regional charity through the ATS foundation. More information to come soon.

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