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Analysis on the current situation of machinery parts process

Blac source:本站 Time:2021-01-14 05:59:44
What is the current situation of China's machinery parts processing industry in 2020? Only by understanding the development of forms can we better invest capital. Next, Baiteng will analyze it for you!

According to the 2016-2020 development analysis and investment potential research report of China's machinery parts processing industry released by China report hall, in recent years, the production capacity of machinery parts can not keep up with the development of the market, and parts processing has become a scarce resource. At present, the market prospect of this industry is very considerable, but considering the future development, enterprises should strengthen the maintenance and construction of the supply chain, In order to effectively overcome the risks and impacts of industrial economic fluctuations on the production and operation of spare parts enterprises and give full play to the advantages of equipment, spare parts enterprises have begun to diversify in the field of spare parts processing in the relevant machinery industry in recent years.
Before the industrial revolution, most of the machinery was made of wood structure by hand. Metal (mainly steel and iron) was only used to make instruments, clocks, locks, pumps and small parts of wood structure machinery. Metal processing mainly depends on the precision of the machinist to achieve the required accuracy. With the wide use of steam engine and the development of large machinery such as mine, metallurgy, ship and locomotive, more and more metal parts need to be formed and machined. The metal materials used are mainly steel instead of copper and iron.
The rapid development of machining (including casting, forging, welding, heat treatment technology and equipment, as well as cutting technology and CNC machine tools, cutting tools, measuring tools, etc.) ensures the supply of various mechanical equipment needed for the development of production. At the same time, with the increase of production batch and the development of precision machining technology, it also promotes the formation of a large number of production methods (parts interchangeability production, professional division and cooperation, flow line and assembly line, etc.).
The current situation of mechanical parts processing is that the supply exceeds the demand, but the quality can not be ignored for the sake of quantity. The current mechanical parts processing needs to meet the three characteristics of shape accuracy, size accuracy and position accuracy in order to meet the market demand and maintain the sustainable development state.
Through the analysis of the current situation and Prospect of the mechanical parts processing industry in 2020, the content shows that there is still a lot of development space for China's mechanical parts processing, both in technology and demand can not fully meet the market demand, need more research and development, need the relevant staff to continue to learn and work hard. If you have any questions, please call 189-2297-9919 (Mr. Zhang)